Time’s Passing

Long time not do writing. Not much happened.. Still busy with research, almost in the end of second year!! 2 paper; one journal paper n one conference paper due soon. That’s my core PhD research. Experimental rig is being made and assembled. A lot of feeling blue these days. In research, you might feel stuck, or you found something but seems not valuable to the others. Still learn to write well; writing is way to communicate through other people around the world.

Affan has started few first steps, encouraging! One day he don’t want to eat; another day eating a lot.. One day like banana and fruit; others don’t. Really fuzzy eater. Make me feel stressed. All article says just provide nutritious food; and let him decide what he want to eat, and it works.

Ayah.. Still excited and hope that weekend won’t be rainy. Luckily, rain started at 5pm, when they finished tennis match.

Melbourne.. It’s getting chiller and chiller. Rainy days. My clothes couldn’t be dried though.

Family.. Is it that hard to live in big family? I’ve been doing the best I can. I’m not money machine though. Just wanna do the best I could, pray, and let Allah do the rest.


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