When Toddler Start Talking?

Affan is 18 months now. He can say :

  • “ini” for a thing that close to him, 
  • “itu” for a thing that faraway, such as car in the car park, flying birds, flying helicopters,
  • “ayah” for his dad,
  • “mammam” for foods or want to eat,
  •  “mimi” drinking, and
  • “tutu” for the train,  Thomas the Tank Engine which has a sound like tutututuuut..

But, maternal and child health nurse still concerned about his development. She may said it may delay, or maybe something wrong with his ear. So, she refer him to hearing assessment. Anyway, I am a bit concerned with this. I think he still a healthy toddler, aside from his skinny body. He eats a lot, but because he often get cold, or sometimes the eczema flares up, he is a bit struggling putting on weight. Apart from his weight, he is so active, like to imitate somebody, playing, in summary, he seems like a very normal boy.

Do I need to concern? After a sort of thinking, I would say, I am not very concerned with that, but the efforts to make him start talking should be a lot more. If I sing a familiar song, he can recognised it. Such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, he started wiggling his fingers; or Head and Shoulder Knees and Toes.. he start point to head, but not to shoulder and toes. Even I know he can understand what I am saying to him, when I tried to tell him not doing this, or doing that, he can do that. And he also try to communicate with us with his gesture ..”ini niii..” and pointing to something, such as a can to open. But there are still few things I will do over the next times such as reading books, more buying some books, accompany him playing.. I hope he will start getting his vocab very soon…


2 thoughts on “When Toddler Start Talking?

  1. ass wr wb. seneng baca webnya winny, soalnya kita senasib, suami istri sekolah sambil merawat bayi 🙂 He..he..lumayan berat tapi seru kan..,InsyaAllah bisa sama2 berjuang ya. Tentang si affan, itu juga udah bagus kok, si Kaori seumuran, sedikit lebih banyak memang kosakatanya, tapi yg keluar sebagian bhs jepang 😀 Lagian perkembangan anak2 yg saya baca beda2, bahkan ada yg baru 2 tahun keluar kosakatanya langsung banyak.

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