Being Self-motivated PhD Researcher

It’s been a while since my last writing. It’s not writing actually, mostly closer to a diary or journal. Maybe not getting the mood to write, too busy at campus, and busy too at home, with the cooking and household things and Affan. Since I’m getting closer to the end of my third year (Oh.. No…), yes you right, maybe I may get stressed. No, not really actually, but I know it will need a lot of effort especially to do the experiment, since to get one data I will need one day preparation, one day experiment, 2-3 days analysis. Very different from my final project which include solid-liquid reaction at 160 C, and the chemical analysis is not that difficult. So.. prepare for the ride then!!

There was High Temperature Symposium at early Feb, where the colleagues range from professor, industry practitioners, PhD students, etc came to the conference to share ideas, comments, and recent development in high temperature processing industries. I also presented my recent studies about the kinetics of solid state reaction of my system. A bit nervous at that time. First is because not much preparation, and several expert were attending my talk. My talk was also just at the last presentation, which was not very comfortable because I was always thinking about my talk, not very listening to the other’s talk especially at the several last presentations.   But anyway, it’s been great, there are several questions, and I was happy to answer it, because I knew that was my problems I need to overcome. Some experts gave me some advice especially about the direction of future research. Good then. I was motivated by several excellent presentations. Though the major is different, mostly talking about steel, iron, and aluminium, while my research field is about magnesium, I can learn from their research methodology, how the analyse results, how they tackle the problems, etc. This symposium still motivate me to get into my experiments.

Today, just for making a pellet (tablet), it need 20 minutes, after 1-2 hour trial. Fiuhh… then I should prepare for the next steps which is much much harder. In research, you sometimes trapped with all the routines and procedures that you need to follow, that may beat you down. But those all couldn’t let you down. Research is gradual process. Doing PhD is all about getting you be a self-motivated researcher. You don’t have friend who do the same things with you. But looking at the reward, such as you gain new skills, you become expert in one field, your curiousity is solved, it always motivate me to be a better and better researcher.

But as a muslim, one thing that we should remember after studying, which is basically studying the universe, the earth, see and understand knowledge, then we should be remembered of this Quran Ali Imran:191:


2 thoughts on “Being Self-motivated PhD Researcher

  1. Ahamdulillah, well done..:)
    Tinggal beberapa langkah lagi winny akhirnya mendapat gelar tertinggi dalam bidang akademik sebelum profesor :).
    Keluarga bahagia, affan sehat, kuliah lancar meski dengan segala tantangan..betapa banyak yang perlu disyukuri..
    makasih ya win, kisah winny memberi dk semangat 🙂

  2. Amiiin, Dika. Alhamdulillah.. sebenernya masih banyak ups and downsnya.. yang penting mesti disyukuri dan dijalani yah

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