There will be a Light at the End of Tunnel

Update progress:
1. Final experiment preparation which include the dangerous ones was done today. Hopefully this is the good start for the next long-long days to do experiment and to get results.
2. Feedback for the thermodynamic paper at Trans. IMM C (Transaction of Institute of Mining and Metal), UK: Need major revision. Huff… my writing and my form is still not that good, but the research context still in interest. I will revise and GET PUBLISHED!

Key things to get success in reseach:
1. Just mind your business. Yes you know someone else are much better, publish more journal papers, more conference, more connection, but just mind your business. Doing PhD research is lonely, hard-work, you will be a technician who do all the details, you will learn several cross-knowledge, you will learn anything that no one can explain, you will generate results that you are the only person who can analyse.
2. Research is hard work, so just so your best, work smart, also pray to God, and balance your life.
3. Don’t complain. No one cares about your project, you are who really need to care to yourself.

Huff… yes, stop complaining.. and start working…


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