Tausiyah buat Diri Sendiri

How to Get and Stay Motivated:
1. Liat kembali niat kita. Dalam hal ini, kuliah. Inget2 masa2 saat punya passion yang tinggi ingin kuliah PhD, ingin jadi profesor yang berguna untuk masyarakat. Mencari ilmu itu Ibadah
2. Inget kembali perjuangan meraih scholarship, mulai dari les sampai malam, bantuan finansial dari orang tua, dll dll.. You are awarded, that means wyou are qualified.
3. Every project is different. If you friends publish more papers than you, ask why. May be because the nature of the project is different, the work style, etc.
4. Inget keluarga, anak, suami, orang tua.
5. Don’t expect a very high quality thesis… write a good one.
6. As a working mum, it’s very hard to work at home while you are surrounded by household chores, meals to cook, or your son want to play with you.. So, make the most of it while you are at office..

Itu dulu deh.. Bismillah.. Ya Allah, mudahkanlah jalanku…

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