After Six Years…

… we will be going home in Bandung, Indonesia, for good.

Six years… Not a very short time indeed. In this six years I have been learning a lot. Being a wife, a mom, a PhD student, a researcher, a teaching staff, and a home maker.

This is not that we’ve decided in very short time. We, me and my husband, has planned this. we thought that would be good for us and for the family to move back to home country, starting (or continuing) new career as academics and contributing to Indonesian society. Of course there would be lots of challenges, with me, and with the kids too. Indonesia will be a new world for Affan, and Arfa too. but we are looking forward for that too.

Hope in the next six years, we will be having not less challenging but happiest ever stories in our life !



4 thoughts on “After Six Years…

    • Hi Nadine… We’re holidaying at Om Kariem’s house. It’s hot and sweaty! But Affan & Arfa are having fun, find some cousins and already playing with them.

      I heard Melb is freezing cold? Miss u too girls, how’s Ibu? Busy as always?

      Will visit Oma & Tante indri’s house and let you know. Take care!

  1. Ibu, Aidan and Lyra were sick :/ The temperature is usually 7… If we’re unlucky, -1 :(… I’ve been very cold… But on a good note, we’re doing this movie in the next semester, and I’m costume designer and maker! YEY! (I cut up old tshirts to make them look like olden days stuff)

    I made some blogs for my friends so… My best friend is moving schools 😦
    Talk to you later 😀

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