What it’s like to be an Academic in ITB?

It’s been almost half a year that I become an academic in Chemical Engineering ITB. So far I am hired as Assistant Academic, that is a position before a tenured academic. Meanwhile I am applying to be PNS (pegawai negeri sipil, public servant) for a tenured position.

For learning and teaching, I am sort of like an assistant or more like a collaborator with other academic to run the class. That’s include preparing lecture, examining the assignments and the tests, interacting with the students, etc.

And also in Chem Eng ITB for the third year, there is a Instructional Lab Course, whereas the students that undertake the course need to see the lecturer before and after the lab. It’s called Pembicaraan Awal and Pembicaraan Akhir. This takes quite lots of time for the academics. Every two weeks there are 4 groups (=8 students) need to see the lecture face to face for about an hour before and after the lab. This will ensure the student really know what they’re doing in the lab.

For the department, assistant academics are also required to help running the dept program, workshops, and all the sort of administration things.

How about research? As an academic, of course I still need to do that. In fact, now I found a pleasure when spending hours of reading the literatures, crafting a draft of paper, searching more updated papers in my area. Of course the time is soo tight, it is luxurious to find a half day to do the research. But still, I need to force myself to getting involved for the research.

Another works that academics dong is… doing an industrial project with colleagues and partner. It’s more for utilizing the expertise we have as an academics, and sometimes for financial purposes also. The financial thing in the uni is nott very very good for the academics, and somehow academics need to survive and running their life, isn’t it.



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