Seven years with you and counting…

Couple months before the wedding, you asked what was your dream. I would like to be a good wife and mothers, but still pursue my dream as an academic/lecturer, trying to contribute to community and our nation. You said you would pursue your dream too as an engineer and maybe someday an academic in your almamater. Then you proposed even I was going to go oversea to study.

So, there were we: got married, went to oversea to study, and we were having beautiful kids too. It looked like a fairy tale, and I think it was, even during that time there were sooo many ups and downs.

And here we are, got our doctorate degree, back in our almamater as academics, with busiest schedule as ever, building our own house, while raising our beautiful kids.

Hope this will last forever, you being a good imam for the family, us growing our kids together being good muslims and good people, and us being professional academics who contribute to the nation and community.


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